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this article is dedicated to users who are trying to setup a rockspace wifi router with their existing internet modem. many more users have started using rockspace wifi routers because of their range, durability and good performance, and good connectivity. please follow the steps given below to setup a rockspace wifi router and connect devices using the wifi password.

Now to make the process easy few things are required in order to install and perform the configuration. please give yourself 5 minutes to gather these details before you start the router setup process.

Note- use this same method to setup almost any series and model of rockspace wifi routers such as rockspace ax1800 or rockspace AC2100 dual-band router. you must know that router and extender are two different things if you have a rockspace extender then please refer to our user guide on rockspace extender setup and configuration.

Requirements For Rockspace Router setup

the router is a device that has no internet connection of its own and you must make sure you have an internet service provider who provides you with a modem that can be connected to a rockspace router for wireless internet. please unbox the rockspace router and keep any configuration card that came with it.

  • find default IP address of rockspace wifi router at the bottom label of router and most of the time it is
  • a computer or smartphone to connect the router console with
  • full internet browser like safari, google chrome or Firefox
  • power outlet to plug the wifi router near to the modem.
  • an extra Ethernet cable (optional but useful while troubleshooting)

install Rockspace Wifi Router

  • connect the internet port of the modem to the WAN port(Mostly Yellow Port) of router using the internet cable that came with router.
  • Plug the router to power outlet and turn it on and make sure the modem is also powered on with active connection from internet provider side.
  • Now go to your computer and open the browser and type at the top of address bar then press enter
  • you may be redirected to local web console of rockspace router, type default username and password if asked upon accessing the page
  • username= admin and password = admin but if you have other details with in your wifi configuration card please enter it.
  • once you login rockspace router dashboard the modem will detect the router and the setup process will start from here
  • please follow the onscreen instructions to select language, region and agree with terms of use.
  • Setup network name (SSID) as you want and make a strong password for wifi (encryption key) and choose WPA2-PSK as security authentication.
  • You can also choose to keep the guest network open but password protected with different password for guest users
  • once you have configured all settings please save it and make sure you update the router firmware before leaving the page.
  • restart the router and use the password that you just created to connect with the network name.

this should fix your wifi keeps disconnecting or weak signal around the house.

once all of the devices are connected you can use the same password to connect computers, phones, and printers to wifi. if the setup is failed and you are not able to connect your devices with wifi then reset the rockspace wifi router and try the setup procedure again.

you can also contact support for help and let them help you set up a rockspace wifi router

please comment below and let us know if you need any other help regarding the rockspace router. we thank you for reading good luck.