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having trouble with any WiFi extender is not a big deal however lack of knowledge would cause users to make wrong changes that would result in serious trouble with the extender. This Topic would cover the most commonly known problems with rock space WiFi extenders such as-

  • Setup and Configuration-related issues.
  • Performance & speed-related troubles
  • Security and administrative problems

this Guide would apply on any model of rock space wifi extender so just be sure that these methods are effective on any model or series of the extender. let’s start with the process one by one-

Installation And Configuration troubles-

one of our previous guides has already provided step to step guide for rock space wifi extender setup using re.rockspace.local but still there are troubles with installation and a single tiny detail can make a difference. we will try to answers question frequently asked by users.

Question.- Why am not able to Reach re.rockspace.local or login rock space extender console for setup?

Answer – there could be errors and reasons behind this problem. one way of solving this trouble is to connect the computer with the extender using an Ethernet cable. no need to connect the extender with the router because that could be managed wirelessly now to do this try this method

  • disconnect any WiFi-connected to the computer and find an Ethernet cable
  • connect the first Lan port of the extender to the Lan port of your laptop
  • now open the internet browser and type re.rockspace.local to access the extender dashboard.

Questionwhy rock space WiFi extender is not working after setup ?

Answer – setup or not if your extender is not working could be because of few list of issues please check all of them one by one.

  • the first thing to check is whether the Internet is working from Modem to Router. when the main router is working please make sure the extender is placed within the router range and connected with the extender. look at the extender light for making sure it’s solid blue that will prove the connection. The best option to handle these issues is to reset the extender to default and setup it again because it’s Quick, easy, and effective.

Now lets move towards some of the different type of security related Questions-

Security and administrative

Question – Do i Need to Keep the same WiFi password as the main WiFi router ?

Answer- No, one can have a different WiFi password (Network Key) or network name (SSID) for your extender.

Questions How to change the WiFi and dashboard password of rock space extender for?

Answer first, understand that the admin password is only for accessing the extender console and settings while the wifi password is for accessing the internet. this process is easy however if you have previously configured the password on the extender dashboard and forgotten about that then this could be a bit tricky.

now if you remember the admin password please go login to the extender using the IP address or use a combination of default username & passwords to access the dashboard. if you don’t remember the admin password then you are left with option to only option to reset the range extender to default settings.

Signal & Speed related issues-

performance of range extender can not be measured without addressing different external component that makes the extender works smoothly. other factors can have huge impact on extender performance. factors such as-

  • Existing Main Router Signal and extender placement
  • Internet connection and data package from ISP
  • distance of Device accessing the WiFi from extender or in some cased devices itself.
  • outdated operating system of extender or user device
  • speed limit on extender
  • wrong band channel settings of extender
  • different unsupported or less compatible security authentication protocols

Now any of these issues can be solved just by accessing the dashboard. update the latest firmware of the extender and adjust the settings. make sure the router and extender have the same security protocols such as WPA2-PSK Or any other according to your likings. it’s also easy to contact rock space range extender customer support for help if required.

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